Dogs & Other Pets

We are always pleased for our customers to bring along their pets, but we are however quite rigid in our rules regarding the pets particularly dogs. The main rule is that the animals must not in any way be intrusive to other visitors to the site. This is most applicable to dogs which must be kept on leads at all times on the site and their owners must ensure that any soiling is cleaned up and disposed of hygienically. Aggressive, unfriendly or highly strung yapping dogs are definitely unwelcome and the owners will be asked to remove them from the site It must be remembered that we are not a kennels and insist that at no time are the dogs left at the site unattended by a responsible adult. In the event that we ask you to leave the site after infringement of these rules no refund will be given. Children Although we are not an ‘Adult Only’ site only grand children of season pitch holders are accepted on the site and then only for the occasional visit. We stress that there is no play area for children (ball games are not allowed) and there is very deep water in close proximity to all caravan pitches. With this in mind it is probable that we would not be the first choice for family holidays. We insist that children of all ages are not allowed to roam freely on the site and that any non- swimmers must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult. Tent Area and Cleanliness in General In recent years we unfortunately have had some very poorly behaved tenters. Regrettably this has spoilt things for those who we would be pleased to have as neighbours and friends. We ask that tenters don't use the bushes surrounding the tent area for rubbish disposal. There are adequate disposal facilities by the washing area. It is obvious not to have heat sources close to the ground so we are happy to allow charcoal or gas bar-b-ques  as long as they are on a non-flammable  raised plinth or stand. We prefer the HOT base to be at least a foot (30cm) off the ground. Please note wood fires of any kind are not permitted. A less obvious problem comes from placing  a hot pan or kettle directly on the ground. These will scorch or even burn grass which is not pleasant for future campers. We know from experience that not all campers behave irresponsibly but to emphasise our concern for the above we now charge occupants of tent pitches a deposit of £25 per pitch. This deposit will be refunded at the point of departure but only if there are no violations of the above and the pitch is left in a clean and tidy state.   Fishing Rules All fishing is carried out on a catch and release basis. Barbless Hooks Only Baits Used in moderation Keep nets are only permitted  in the fortnightly caravaner's match. All Landing nets must be dipped before going to the bank No Alcohol to be consumed at the peg. All litter, including cigarette butts, must be removed from the site at the end of a session. This includes surplus bait which must not be disposed of in the lakes. Night Fishing (from dusk until dawn) is not allowed. Leaving tackle on a platform does not reserve a peg and will be removed by the management. Straight through line is not allowed. Hook lengths must be a at least 1/3 lighter than the main line, eg main line 3lb--hook length 2lb up to a maximum of 4lb hook length. No weights or float are to be attched to the hook length. Braid and hook lengths heavier than 4lb are not allowed. The management reserves the right to search and examine all tackle at the peg and to expel any person with illegal tackle or bait from the site. Banned Baits (see list below) must not be taken to the peg Blood Worm, & Joker Boillies Nuts of all kinds, including Tiger & Peanuts Sweet Corn Pet Foods of any kind Other meats may be allowed, e.g. Luncheon meat, only as hook bait, but please ask before using. Personal Keep Nets are not allowed--Keep Nets are provided by BFL for the bi-weekly match. 'Old Lake' is restricted to residents only; but this is not hard and fast for pegs 11 to 17.Day Ticket visitors should seek permission from reception to fish Old Lake.
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